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Friday, 21 January 2000
The Beauty of Life
Indonesian Version )
Talking about the beauty of life, actually the most interesting thing for me is the word "relationship" it self. Me, you, and all of us can be here and stay untill today is also because a relationship. It's looks so simple but it really have a deep meaning and very important in our life. Not only our relationship with friends, parents, brothers and sisters, and also our parents' realtionship.
At the first I only wanna talk about friendship and how is so important in our life but I realise that I can't seperate it with the most beautiful relationship in the world which is the love of God for each of us.
  God's love is so beautiful that make us saved with only receive Him as our God and our Savior. Everything in the world is just copying everything in the heaven, that's why I am not gonna surprise that we also can't live without a relatioship not only to the human ( friendship ) but also with God.
That's why, especially for my young friends 'coz I also still very young, let each of us find friends as much as you can and love them. Don't you ever ask for being loved first, remember what we give is what we get. That's why let we giving love first.
Find a pure friend, don't get hurry to get a lover, calm down, man, we all have it already even it still in a spirit shape and haven't shown in a name. For the one which choosed to be single, God knows the best for you. So .... it's better for each of us not to married than married a wrong person.
For the one which already be a couple, let we stand as a generation who life in the holiness, not with the world's standart but with the Bible's standart. So don't complain when your pasteur not allowed you to holding hand.
Hehehe ...!
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